Orange Pip – the Development and Learning Consultancy

We are committed to skills, learning and development that inspire you to be what you want to be – your authentic self

Passion and Energy

We help people develop effectively by bringing training to life making it practical and relevant which helps to embed the learning and add value to the organisation. We love what we do, and always ensure people have their goals met.

Professional & Relevant

Being a development professional means you need to be up to date. Keeping in tune with research, being avid readers and investing in our own development means we can share latest thinking, best practice and resources with all our clients.

Brilliant facilitation

Spending time in groups is meant to be engaging and fulfilling! Sharing experiences, challenging each other and committing to action are all part of developing in a group. We make sure that your time spent away from your daily activities is well spent, meaningful and valuable.

Evaluate, embed and sustain

Learning is only translated into results through commitment. We make sure that during any learning event time is dedicated to review, reflection and action planning, that people realistically plan for their development success, and that they take practical steps to make their plans a reality.

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“I have worked with Helen on a number of projects at BP. She has the ability to engage at all levels of organisations and is adept at managing the pace and content of her coaching activities in a manner wholly appropriate to the audience she is working with.Helen has an infectious and engaging personality and is also remarkably perceptive and intuitive – rare gifts. Helen represents her industry in an exemplary fashion and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to any company looking for breakthroughs at individual, group and organisational levels. You will not be disappointed.”
Dave Newton, UK Retail Director , BP
“Helen has an insightful, client-sensitive approach that really helped us grasp the meaning and implications of Myers Briggs for effective leadership and teamworking.”
Nick Wright, Training and Development Manager, Tearfund
“Helen was an inspirational trainer who inspired me and unleashed my dormant potential. I would recommend Helen to anyone considering becoming a Coach.”
Carl Tucker, Business Performance & Planning Manager, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
“Helen is simply the best personal coach I have ever worked with. We meet once per month and we talk my challenges through. Helen always helps me to work out how to solve them and get the results I seek. Helen is a gifted listener, helping me get to the heart of problems. She is totally trustworthy, warm hearted and funny. She challenges hard and really makes you think. Her style is always action and outcome focused. I am a busy guy and my 2-3 hours a month with Helen are fantastic value. Helen watches my back and helps me lead more effectively.”
Victor France, Sales Director , Skandia Life
“One of the best facilitators (maybe the best) I have been trained by.”
Rob Dixon, Head of Professional Sales, Miele Ltd
“I have worked with Helen throughout 2011. I found Helen extremely personable and a joy to work with. She brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged some of my long term habits. I found that I have grown in my abilities and most importantly my confidence has improved. I would highly recommend Helen to any company wanting to get the very best from their employees.”
Sarah Crown, Commercial Director, Bauer Media
“Helen has a personable, accessible style that is backed by expert knowledge. She creates an environment where real change can occur and individuals can make the best of themselves. Positive in personality and sensitive to the needs of others, Helen has helped me and my team to significant performance improvements and better team working in recent months through great coaching and facilitation.”
Martin Stiven, Vice President of Business, Everything Everywhere
“Helen has been invaluable in helping me build, develop and get the most from my team. Her style is relaxed and inclusive but also very professional. I value Helen’s opinion and trust her judgment, particularly in relation to my team members. We have developed an excellent relationship over a number of years. The fact that I keep going back to Helen for support says everything!”
Steve Cuthbert, Factory Manager, British Sugar
“Helen recently led a training day for the business unit leadership team focused on inclusion. The day was very thought provoking, and Helen managed to bring out a diverse range of views from across the group. Helen helped us to agree a concrete set of actions that I believe will make a real difference. I enjoy Helen’s personable style – she has a fantastic memory (which puts mine to shame) and she will always engage in a way that’s personally important to you and your team. She is also quite a challenging character, so her sessions are never ‘vanilla’ which is great.”
Paul Smith, Head of the Strategy & Business Development Team, BP UK retail
“My coaching sessions with Orange Pip have proved revealing, rewarding and immensely valuable. In just 5 sessions my performance has improved significantly. Orange Pip’s approach is intelligent, considered, insightful but also engaging and extremely enjoyable. I would highly recommend Orange Pip to anyone looking to improve their performance.”
Heidi Cartledge, Marketing Manager, Skoda UK
“Helen ran numerous management development courses that I attended during my time at Miele. What sets Helen apart from the rest are a number of important factors, that when applied together provide great results. First (and most important): attitude & approach. Helen’s ability to create a strong rapport with delegates and empathise is vital in helping you get the most out of the sessions. Second: planning. I always felt the sessions were well structured and allowed enough time for not just the task in hand, but also self reflection, an often rushed part of any personal development course. Third: challenging. Helen instinctively knows when to challenge you openly & privately, making sure you’re not just going through the motions. Finally, dependable. Always willing to listen and advise to help you see the wood from the trees. Many business coaches regurgitate, whereas Helen innovates. Hope to work with you again.”
Chris Wright, Global Head of Brand & Public Relations, British Standards Institute
“For the last 7 years I have had the privilege of working with Helen and I have been continually amazed at her ability to maintain a freshness of approach in leadership. She has assisted on numerous occasions to bring out the best in both individuals and teams. In particular she has a unique talent in unearthing skills, ambition and confidence to ensure an individuals or teams potential is fully realised. As a leader of an organisation I have no
doubts Helen has significantly contributed to our national success and has been an essential ingredient and member of our team. Put simply we could not have done it without her.
Allen Graham, Chief Executive, Rushcliffe Borough Council
“The coaching programme has allowed me to describe management problems, explore possible solutions, try them out in practise and then feedback and review the outcomes. A very practical development experience.”
Paul Gardiner, Energy Manager, British Sugar
“Helen has a genuine passion for continuous development and gets satisfaction out of seeing people grow. She puts herself through a tough development agenda which supports her reputation as being an expert in her field. She is a great coach, extremely supportive and doesn’t let you off lightly! Helen has a real strength in emotional agility that enables her to work with a variety of people at differing levels.”
Caroline Parker, HR Manager, Volkswagen Group UK
“Helen is a fantastic coach and trainer. She has the tools to get what she needs out of our trainees, some can be quite stubborn. Helen is always personable and adaptable and a joy to have around. Helen has helped me personally and professionally in my career path and I look forward to the courses and sessions we run with Helen and Orange Pip.”
Lizzie Manko, Contract Officer for Serco at Volkswagen Group UK Ltd, Serco
“Helen has helped me with one to one coaching of a number of my senior team. Each of them had individual challenges to overcome and Helen was able to tailor her approach with each of them to achieve significant progress in their development. They completed their sessions with Helen more organised, confident and capable – just the result I was hoping for.”
Tim Lucas, Managing Director and Consultant


Orange Pip – the Development and Learning Consultancy

We are committed to skills, learning and development that inspire you to be what you want to be – your authentic self

“The more seriously you take your growth, the more seriously your people will take you.”
~ John Maxwell